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Zero One Gas Airsoft Green Gas

Zero One Gas Airsoft Green Gas

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New, Zero One Gas Airsoft Green Gas

TAG: Zero One Gas Airsoft Green Gas
BRAND: Zero One

Zero One ProGas is a premium, high performance gas designed for users who demand the very best in blowback action. Comparable to the old 'green gas', but much more advanced. Pro Gas is suitable for high quality, metal and upgraded airsoft guns and can help achieve maximum performance through a consistent stable pressure which increases accuracy. Pro Gas contains UPL, a high quality, high performance lubricant designed to maintain the quality of the seals and internals of your gun.

Advances in lubrication technology have brought about new lighter lubricant for use in airsoft guns. This high tech lubricant results in improved muzzle velocity giving flatter trajectories and greater accuracy. Results are more consistent giving greater reliability. The gas pressure remains unchanged so airsofters will see no damage to their guns. Cold weather tests have shown higher muzzle velocity and more consistent power than other leading brands. This lubricant is a light oil which spreads evenly and consistently through the working parts of your guns to give high reliability under combat conditions. It's non-greasy structure makes maintenance and cleaning quicker and easier.

  • 700ml
  • High Pressure Gas
  • High Performance Output
  • Includes UPL to lubricate the seals and internals of your gun
  • Shoot with a consistent, stable pressure
  • Complies with all UK Regulations
  • UN1950

  • The Zero One Gas Airsoft Green Gas is new and boxed 

    Zero One Gas Airsoft Green Gas for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
    Leicestershire Airsoft is a Leicester based company.

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    Our Quenibourough store is Leicestershire based offering a host of airsoft guns, airsoft accessories, airsoft tac gear. We have plenty to chose from and cater for the cheaper starting airsoft player up to the higher end brands.
    We have such brands as G&G, S&T, ARES, King Arms, Cyma, E&L, Krytac, VFC and plenty more. We have a vast knowledge in the airsoft world being both a retail store but playing airsoft as a hobby as well.


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