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Balystik 8mm Tan Braided Delux 100cm Airsoft Air Line

Balystik 8mm Tan Braided Delux 100cm Airsoft Air Line

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New, Balystik 8mm Deluxe HPA Air Line

The Balystik line have two female couplers that stops air immediatly when disconnecting, one located at the end of the regulator, the other one is at the end of the line, so you can disconnect your gun and keep your line under pressure, you can also disconnect the line from the regulator and keep the regulator under pressure. the connect / disconnect system is ultra fast, reliable and save air consumption.

All is included to connect a regulator with 1/8 NPT female thread to 6mm macroline of HPA systems like Wolverine, Polarstar, Valken HPA gearbox.

      The Balystik 8mm Deluxe HPA line is supplied new

      Brand : Balystik
      Condition : New

      Balystik 8mm Deluxe HPA line for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
      Leicestershire Airsoft is a Leicester based company.

      Leicestershire Airsoft
      Unit 2, Queniborough Industrial Estate
      (behind the BP petrol station)
      1487 Melton Road
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      Our Quenibourough store is Leicestershire based offering a host of airsoft guns, airsoft accessories, airsoft tac gear. We have plenty to chose from and cater for the cheaper starting airsoft player up to the higher end brands.
      We have such brands as G&G, S&T, ARES, King Arms, Cyma, E&L, Krytac, VFC and plenty more. We have a vast knowledge in the airsoft world being both a retail store but playing airsoft as a hobby as well.

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