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Acetech Predator X Airsoft Tracer

Acetech Predator X Airsoft Tracer

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New, Acetech Predator X Airsoft Tracer

TAG       : Acetech Predator X Airsoft Tracer

BRAND : Acetech

Tracer Module Compatibility: This advanced tracer unit supports both green and red tracer BBs, enhancing your Airsoft experience with visibly striking trajectories. The included AT2000R tracer module is both removable and replaceable, ensuring flexibility and longevity of your investment.

Anti-Slip Grip and Robust Construction: The all-metal structure of the Predator X underscores its durability, allowing it to withstand the rigors of intensive Airsoft games. The anti-slip grip ensures a firm hold, providing you with confidence in the heat of action.

High RPS Support: The Predator X is designed to keep pace with your game, supporting a rate of fire up to 35 rounds per second. This high RPS capacity ensures each passing tracer BB is charged, offering consistent performance even during rapid-fire scenarios.

  • Tracer module compatibility
  • Avaible in 14mm ccw thread
  • Anti-slip grip and all metal structure
  • Support green / red tracer BB.(AT2000R) 


The Acetech Predator X Airsoft Tracer is new and packaged 

Brand : Acetech
Condition : New

Acetech Predator X Airsoft Tracer for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
Leicestershire Airsoft is a Leicester based company.

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