What are we looking forward to....

So our orders this weeks focuses mainly on filling rifle gaps, we seem to have had a hot run on rifles with few pistols shifting last week.

We have ordered from a handful of our fave suppliers getting in plenty of fresh stock such as...

The King Arms Elite TWS, an absolute beauty of a rifle with light weight full metal construction, ambi mag release and fire selector, one piece CNC outer barrel, metal hop up unit and working bolt release to name a few perks on this rifle, not only that it looks beaut.

Another item due in is the ARES Honey badger in black of course, these were all the rage when Call of Duty Ghosts came out, and while the obsession may have left there's still plenty of players that love the Ares Honey Badger and with good reason, Its a firm contender in our store and one to watch.

Also worth a mention would be the full line up of Valkens new AVP Pistols sporting a more modern look all bundled up in its own hard case plus these bad boys can take CO2 mags while still being under 350 FPS.

And to top off the bits above we have lots of other beauties due in PLUS a range of TM products and we are also now pleased to say we are a ASG VIP partner with the stock due in early next week.

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