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Zero One's Blitz BB series is based on 20 years experience in the airsoft industry. We've developed and worked on a BB formula that performs perfectly in pretty much every make and model of airsoft gun available.

We've seen many different makes of BB. Some good, some bad. Using our expertise we've combined all the best features of a BB that come together to make one perfect BB - the ultimate spherical ammunition for your airsoft gun.

We've chosen a factory that enforces a strict quality control process throughout manufacturing. At each stage, our Blitz BBs are checked and tested; through the plastic injection process, grinding to size, then polishing to perfection.

And lastly, rather than putting an inflated premium on the Blitz series just because they're damn good, we've made them affordable for everyone - really affordable. All the Blitz BB series are fully certified with TUV, this makes Blitz fully compliant. Many of the Blitz range are also CE & REACH certified. Our Bio range is also certified as truly biodegradable, giving all sites and landowners the confidence they need to allow airsoft anywhere.

We are confident you will find our BBs bright, smooth, solid, perfectly polished and with superb true deviation of only 0.01mm.

Suitable for all high-end airsoft guns, in fact, Blitz BBs are suitable for every airsoft gun

Zero One
Weight: .25
Quantity: 3000
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