Xcortech X3200 Airsoft Chrono

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Every Airsofter should have a chrono as it will take the guessing out as if you will pass the chrono at your next game and while its not the most fun purchase it is one of the more important part of your kit, but often over looked

The new Generation X3200 MK3 chronograph is high performance and high accuracy chronograph giving you a reliable build, quality along with reliable results.

The X3200 MK3 build in high density sensor for wide range of BB.
The new Chronograph offers Easy use, External power input ,Compact size and shot memory, just what you need for the night before the games, no airsoft player likes arriving at the site unsure of there over the limit or not.

Memory Slots For Set BB Weight (WT.) and Caliber (CAL.)
External power for Micro USB
Tripod socket

  • ROF : Rate Of Fire
  • RPM : Round Per Minute
  • RPS : Round Per Second
  • SPEED : Initial Velocity
  • m/s : Meter/ Per-Second
  • ft/s : Feet/Per-Second

Manufacturer: Xcortech
Model: X3200
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