WE M92 Airsoft Pistol

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The M92 has a strong full metal assembly, its slide and frame are metal, as would be expected - but the internals are re-enforced so as to allow for the weapon
to last a longer period of time before showing any signs of wear and tear.
The safety acts as a de-cocking level which allows for the hammer to fall back to the resting position when the weapon is put onto safe - this helps prevent any unwanted discharges of the weapon while it is in your holster!
The grips on this weapon are finished to an incredible standard, and look amazing out of the box - they feature the WE logo and, as with most GBB M9's, are completely removable and can be swapped out for either a tactical style grip, or a more classy wooden style grip.
The slide is removable and can be swapped out for something lighter for better gas economy and for more of a kick on
a lower power gas, if you require, and the recoil spring is also removable allowing for you to either cut it, or replace it
if you ever feel the need to do so.
As with all the newer WE weapons, the build quality on this is really beyond anything they have produced so far - there
are no seams visible on any of the moulded parts, and the entire working mechanism is as smooth as you could want from
a pistol.

Manufacturer: WE
Model: M92
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi
Magazine Capacity:  26 Rounds 
FPS: Gas and weather dependent 
Powered By: Gas
Exterior Construction: Metal slide and frame
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Hop Up: Adjustable
Blow Back: Yes
Instruction manual
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