WE 1911 Hi Capa Airsoft Pistol

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WE's expansive line of gas blow back pistols are always a popular choice for airsoft players for their price, features and reliability.  WE's version of the classic M1911 design expands and improves on Marui's original idea by offering players more bang for their buck. Traditionally the airsoft M1911 had only a carrying capacity of 15 rounds in its slim single-stack magazine, WE's M1911 High Capacity model doubles that carrying capacity to 30-rounds thank to its double-stack magazine design. 

As a standard with WE pistols, this features a full metal build in its vintage gun grey finish with its classic brown checkered grips. As with all 1911's it features an thumb safety that can easily be flicked on or off safe as well as an on-frame grip safety that will ensure the gun can only be fired from a intentional and firm grip of the pistol to eliminate accidental discharges when holstered.
Manufacturer: WE
Model: 1911
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi
Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds 
FPS: Gas and weather dependent 
Powered By: Gas
Exterior Construction: Metal slide and frame
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Hop Up: Adjustable
Instruction manual
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