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Get increased performance with your Airsoft BB gun, this spray can be used with spring, electric and gas bbguns

That's why Swiss Arms has made this lubricant spray with silicone.

The manufacturer's recommended application differs depending on the mechanism of the airsoft replica being serviced:

For "spring" models (manual resetting) a spray in the barrel and in the areas of friction is indicated every 100 shots.

Fixed bolt weapons like sniper rifles require a little APS3 on the seals every 30 or so shots.

Cylinder head replicas (whether propulsion by gas, CO2 or electric etc) require a spraying at the valve, the gasket of the charger, the mouth of the piston and the rails of the slide every few hundred shots.

These recommendations will allow you to keep airsoft replica operating flawless, and thus preserving its power. Less friction also means less energy loss to play the moving parts.

The compactness of this lubricant can allow you to take it on all games. In addition, it features a folding applicator straw to treat key areas with precision.

So to make your replicas last without clogging them with any oil, consider equipping yourself with this 130ml power booster spray.
Brand: ASG
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