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      SV-98 CORE™ Sniper Rifle Replica

      Specna Arms meets the expectations of clients by presenting the CORE line of products – an exceptional series of replicas that introduces a new quality to the market. An attractive price in combination with good performance straight out of the box as well as high-quality materials makes this replica suitable for beginners and seasoned airsoft players alike. 

      Specna Arms sniper rifle replica features a simple and reliable bolt-action mechanism, which means the replica needs to be reloaded before firing. The replica is made of metal and reinforced polymer. Parts made of metal include the entire set of the external barrel along with the chamber, trigger and charging handle as well as RIS accessory rails and all assembly elements such as screws. The chassis with the stock, stock pad and the magazine were made of solid polymer and rubber. 

      The replica is internally equipped with some parts which are compatible with TM AWS standard, as well as those which can be found in WELL 44xx series replicas. The cylinder assembly (cylinder and piston) is not standard. The replica will work with parts from the AirsoftPro company - like the 45-degree trigger set - which gives a large field for possible tuning.

      The replica stock has three adjustment points. The cheek pad and the comfortable, profiled stock pad can be adjusted in height. At the bottom of the stock, there is an adjustable monopod that improves the stabilization of the replica when firing in a lying position.

      The implementation of NCore reinforced polymer makes the construction very durable and the matt finish of the chassis allows CORE™ sniper rifle replicas to strike quite an impression on the very first glance. 

      The replica consists of two main elements: the chassis with the stock and the barrel with the chamber. It is a practical solution when it comes to transportation and the folding of the assembly of the replica into one requires only the use of three hex screws. Thanks to 22 mm RIS / Picatinny mounting rails, the replica can be equipped with any optics and additional accessories such as a bipod. A comfortable safety is located next to the bolt carrier.

      The characteristic element of the replica is the transport handle mounted on the right side of the replica.
      Model: SS-98 Core
      Fire Selector: 
      Safe, Single
      Magazine Capacity:

      Powered By:
      Exterior Construction: ABS Body, Metal barrel, bolt assembly
      Internal Construction: 
      Metal internals
      Hop Up: 
      User manual
      Sample BB's
      Speed loader
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      Specna SA-98 Core Airsoft Rifle for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
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