Specna Core .25 Bio Airsoft BB

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Specna Arms CORE™ BIO BB"s 

Specna Arms brand, known for its quality and the innovativeness of produced replicas, introduces a new series of BBs - Specna Arms CORE™ that are characteristic for their exceptional craftsmanship and very good price to quality ratio.

The diameter of a BB is 5.95 mm (+/- 0.005mm) and the difference in weight among BBs does not exceed 0.01 g. As a result, Specna Arms BBs work very well both with standard internal barrels as well as with precision barrels present in tuned replicas.

At the final stage of production, high-polish is carefully applied to every BB made by Specna Arms. Thanks to a full control over the production process, the manufacturer receives BBs with perfect shape. This in turn guarantees seamless BB feeding by all types of magazines as well as a stable spin provided by the Hop-Up system.

All that effort was made to ensure shots made with Specna Arms CORE™ BBs are far and precise.

Weight: .25
Quantity: 3000
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