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The epic limited edition model HALO Airsoft rifle is finally available, with incredible realism and functionality.

Aparently designed by Evike and manufactured by Snow Wolf this Airsoft Halo gun is a replica of the rifle from the science fiction video game 'Halo'. in the game HALO the MA5 series rifle is the workhorse of the United Nations Space Command Defense Force Marine Corps, This halo Airsoft Rifle has a really cool attached electronics suite that provides information on rounds remaining in the magazine.

This replica MA5D rifle will not fire until the magazine is inserted in the weapon, when it is It will then show 95 rounds on the digital screen that is pointing to your face when you aim it. when you start to fire the counter will start to count down with every shot. As soon as the counter hits 0 it stops firing & requires the magazine to be changed this function works accurately. The ammo counter system has two sensors. One in the barrel senses the actual passing of each BB pellet, and a sensor on the mag well detects the insertion of the magazine. The Chrono Blaster will not fire without a mag inserted, obviously, lots of work went into designing this gun.

Another thing i really liked with the MA-5D is that the fire selector, this part is also digital, with one press of the button it changes between semi-auto or full auto fire, and is shown on the screen as SF (Single Fire) or F (Full Auto).

The Rifle is fully made of hi-quality nylon fibre and metal frame and barrel
with the ultra-modern handle allows this rifle to be used in real game or plinking as well. There is a front-mounted integrated flashlight

With regards to the Internals, everything about this weapon is custom made, you have a Tokyo Marui Type gearbox (p90) give good performance and IS fully compatibility with custom parts. the gearbox has steel gears and bearings, a Reinforced piston with a 1-joule spring and a hi-torque motor. the inner barrel is 300mm long. the whole thing is built and put together very well.

The Snow Wolf BC-88 is fully made of hi-quality nylon fibre and metal frame and outer barrel, the ultra-modern handle allows this rifle to be used in real game or plinking as well. the length of the gun is 770mm and the weight a hefty 4.4kg. the included magazine holds 160 rounds. 

This is a masterpiece of the Videogames fans and rifle collectors
there is an excellent in-depth review of this halo rifle here on another website if you really want to get into the nuts and bolts of this gun.


- Full Metal Marui type gearbox
- Reinforced piston with 1-joule spring
- Steel gears and bearing
- Hi-torque motor short axle
- 300mm inner barrel
- Length 770mm
- Weight 4400g

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