SH Cerburus 150lbs Crossbow

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This 150lb Cerberus recurve crossbow from Anglo Arms is suitable for both game hunting and target practice. This stunning crossbow has a solid wood rear grip and foregrip that resembles a shotgun. This crossbow packs quite a punch with a 150lb draw weight. The Cerberus is a mid to heavy hitter with a good weight that makes it feel solid and powerful.

As you would expect the Cerberus crossbow has fully adjustable rear sight and includes a foot claw for easier drawing. The safety catch, located above the trigger housing provides extra reassurance when cocking and loading the crossbow. The main body is constructed using compressed fiberglass and aluminium for the barrel. The Cerberus package includes two 18" aluminium bolts along with the limb, body and string. To ensure long life we suggest a good maintainance routine of cleaning after every use with a dry cloth and applying wax lube to keep the string in top condition.
Brand: Armex
Lbs: 150
FPS: 210
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