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In airsoft the Tavor translates to being a very ergonomic and comfortable weapon that is ideal for scouting or close quarters use, the fact it makes use of the "typical" airsoft STANAG magazines is a huge bonus and is something that makes it incredibly more practical than a weapon that makes use of unique magazines. 
Even though this weapon is a sportline model, it does feature a number of nice external features - the fire selector has an indicator on the left side to show
if the weapon is safe or not, the fake bolt will lock to the rear and can be manually released by pressing on the button found behind the magazine, and the sights flip up and down as they do on the real weapon.

As you might expect from a sportline weapon the body is made from plastic - this feels similar to those of a G36C, so not a "thin" feel yet still incredibly lightweight. While some see a plastic body as a disadvantage you must remember that this is firstly, a sportline weapon, and secondly this is made to be lightweight!
The body actually feels very nice for the price - a nice comparison is the plastic used to make a G&G Combat Machine, and as such this does not feel "cheap".
Manufacturer: S&T
Model: Tar21
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full
Magazine Capacity: 350
FPS: 330
Powered By: Electric
Exterior Construction: ABS Body, metal parts and outer barrel
Internal Construction: Metal inner barrel, gears, gearbox
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