Nuprol Silicon Oil

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Nuprol delivers the goods with this high-quality silicone oil designed to keep your airsoft weapon running in tip-top condition. For Co2 guns, simply apply a tiny drop on the first BB in each newly filled magazine which allows the oil to work its magic as you fire. For both Co2 and gas guns, use this oil to lubricate the mechanism under the slide.

Using silicone oil on your weapon improves performance by reducing friction. This will result in using less gas per shot and reduces the normal wear and tear on your gun over time. Because this oil is silicone-based it will not degrade rubber and soft polymer, so your o-rings and seals will last longer.

This oil is also dirt and water repellent making it ideal for skirmishing.

Can be used externally as well as internally. Use to clean and polish wood, plastic and metal surfaces on the outside of your weapon. Be sure to wipe off any excess oil from the outside of your weapon or the slippery devil might fall from your grasp.

Brand: Nuprol
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