Nuprol Jackal Airsoft Rifle

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Nuprol rifles are among the best airsoft rifle for the price point. They offer fantastic build and performance while still being a fairly low cost for what you get.
The Nuprol Jackal rifle looks amazing, offering a solid metal hand guard and receiver, metal internals including a tight bore barrel and reinforced gears plus a quick change spring system.
The Nuprol Jackal is very solid with no wobble or flex to the build.
The Nuprol Jackal comes with a hi cap mag plus sling mount on the rear.
Manufacturer: Nuprol
Model: Jackal
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full auto
Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds 
Powered By: Electric
Exterior Construction: Metal
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Wired: Rear
Hop Up: Adjustable
User manual
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