Maxtact Derringer Airsoft Pistol

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The Derringer is an iconic classic gun usually seen from the old Western era. The gun was always something that the hero or heroine would hide away for their last minute draw to take the upper hand. Its real steel counter part was also used for deep concealment and fired 2 rounds at the target. Accuracy was not usually what the Derringer was known for but when time came, it did the trick.

The airsoft version here is a gas powered pistol that takes two BBs that you load in the upper and lower barrel. Much like the real one you are not looking at a lot of accuracy here but it can make for funny scenarios when playing or just have it as something to plink with when your friends are around. Each one of these little guns are well crafted and full metal so they will have a bit of heft in your hand. The action isn’t too soft and the trigger pull isn’t too difficult for such a small trigger.
Manufacturer: Maxtact
Model: Derringer
Fire Selector: Safe,Single
Magazine Capacity: 1 Round 
FPS: 220
Powered By: Gas
Exterior Construction: Full Metal
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Instruction manual
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Maxtact Derringer Airsoft Pistol
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Maxtact Derringer airsoft Pistol for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
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