King Arms SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver S Airsoft Revolver

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This airsoft revolver has a unique chromatic conversion coating and electric darkening treatment surface finish. King Arms are leading airsoft manufacture when it comes to creating an authentic revolver that looks and feels fantastic.  At

We truly appreciate the incredible level of detail on the revolvers’ parts and components. Complete with a unique bluing color, the SAA.45 will certainly give you the means of owning a captivating and powerful airsoft pistol.  For increased accuracy and shooting trajectory, the revolver features a smooth and precise brass internal barrel in 6.03mm inner diameter.

Finished with an ergonomic polymer grip, this revolver truly enables its user an enhanced level of control when it comes to aiming and shooting a nearby target.

The SAA.45 Peacemaker Revolver can store up to 6 bullet shells in its cylinder. This carefully designed cylinder is designed to be opened easily to replenish bullets. This can be done by pushing the bullets ejector thumb piece to remove them.

Compatible with CNC Machined heavy brass shells that feature high compression rubber bb retainers. King Arms provides a high level of detail to the parts and components. Features a metal latch to precisely stop the cylinder in the correct position. A high-powered single-action revolver that comes with a metal hammer which gives an assured strike on the gas outlet valve.
Manufacturer: King Arms
Model: SAA Peacemaker
Fire Selector: Semi
Magazine Capacity: 6 Shells 
FPS: Gas and weather dependent 
Powered By: Green Gas
Exterior Construction: Metal construction / Plastic grips
6 shells
Soft bag in the box
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