JG T3 Ras Airsoft Rifle

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The JG T3-RAS is another great airsoft gun in JG's long line of airsoft products. The T3-RAS comes with a host of features that make this gun great for the field. The gun has a full stock that can hold a large battery pack for extended periods of playing time. The pistol grip is ergonomic, the outer barrel is metal, includes front and rear sling attachment points. It has a full metal rail interface system. When the charging handle is pulled back the bolt opens up to reveal the hop-up adjustment and the charging handle can be locked back to keep the bolt open. The JG T3-K3 has many of the same features as it's higher end counterpart, however one thing the JG has over TM is the absence of the creaky plastic noises that Marui guns are plagued with.
Manufacturer: JG
Model: T3 Ras
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full
Magazine Capacity: 500 Rounds 
Powered By: Battery
Exterior Construction: ABS Body, Stock, Metal RAS Hand guard
Internal Construction: Metal internals, inner barrel, gearbox, gears
Hop Up: Adjustable
Instruction manual
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