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The ICS CXP Peleador (Peleador means fighter in Spanish) is the first of the new Sportline guns from ICS brought to us by ASG. The Sportline ICS guns are different from other sportline models from other companies in that you get all the features of their expensive Pro line guns but in a polymer body. Most other companies will use lower grade internal parts to match the price more closely.

With all ICS guns whether it is the Sportline or Proline, you get the very durable and well designed split gearbox. These guns perform phenomenally out of the box and are one of the smoothest and most efficient designs out there. The split gearbox design means you can inspect, clean, and repair or upgrade many critical components with ease compared to a traditionally designed M4 style AEG which has a non split gearbox.
Manufacturer: ICS
Model: Peleador
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full auto
Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds 
Powered By: Electric
Exterior Construction: Plastic receiver, rails, stock
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Wired: Front
Hop Up: Adjustable
User manual
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