ICS Grease Gun Airsoft Rifle

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A classic WW2 SMG that surprisingly looks a bit like a grease gun. This is the metal version that's 100 times better than the ARES. Why? Well, this version houses the battery in the gun and not in the magazine. For when you're tired of seeing the same old guns on the Airsoft field, ICS give us their incarnation of the M3 Greaser. This 1:1 scale replica 6mm BB thrower comes with a 430rd Hi-cap. It's also metal construction and has many of the functioning features of the real thing. So, if you're a reenactor, have a military vehicle or you're a WWII Airsoft Skirmisher... this is your chance to stand out of the crowd.
Manufacturer: ICS
Model: ICS-200
Fire Selector: Safe, Full
Magazine Capacity: 430
FPS: 300
Powered By: Battery
Exterior Construction:  Metal body, stock, outer barrel
Internal Construction: Metal gearbox, gears, inner barrel
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