ICS L85 A2 Airsoft rifle

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The most significant feature of L85 is the bull pup design. One of the features of bull pup design is that the bolt group and magazine are placed in the stock behind the trigger. The design allows the weapon to be shorter and lighter but keep the same barrel length and effective range. Therefore, soldiers can move quickly and agilely in narrow space and have the same fire power and accuracy in open fields. This design provides the best performance and manoeuvrability in the mean time.
Model: L85 A2
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full auto
Magazine Capacity: 350 Rounds 
FPS: 330
Powered By: Electric
Exterior Construction: Metal Receiver, Outer barrel, Inner barrel, and Poly Hand Guard, and grip 
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Wired: Front
Hop Up: Adjustable
2x Magazine
User manual
Sample BB's
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ICS L85 A2 airsoft Rifle for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
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