HFC MK23 Airsoft Pistol

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The MK23 offered by HFC is a great low cost model and often used to partner with a sniper rifle role.
Its light weight design makes it easy to use along with the silencer that is a barrel extender it can make for a very accurate pistol.
Please note another gas other than Abbey 144a or equivalent of power can cause damage to the internals.
The model features a gas power full sized double stack mag, is non blow back.
It includes a barrel extending silencer, and is very quiet.
Model: MK23
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi
Magazine Capacity: 28 Rounds 
FPS: Gas and weather dependant
Powered By: Gas
Exterior Construction: Plastic
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Hop Up: Adjustable
Please note you must have a valid defence in order to buy the HFC MK23 Gas Pistol
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HFC MK23 airsoft Rifle for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
Leicestershire Airsoft is a Leicester based company.