E&L EL AKMS Airsoft rifle

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E & L has emerged as the new standard on the AK market. This manufacturer has set itself the task of producing airsoft guns that come as close as possible to the original model, as possible. All attachments are made in the same factory as the originals.

As far as possible, the material used is the same - steel, wood elements or high-tech polymer. Some of the weapons-harmless parts come even from the same production line.

As far as possible, the specification of the original 1: 1 was adopted for all parts, both in terms of material and mass and coating.

All steel parts have been anodised , which further underpins the authenticity. The parts are thus much more robust than if they were only painted.

Also, the weight is very similar to the original! The weight distribution corresponds to the model. In addition, every E & L AK, like the original, can be disassembled largely without tools . All these features combined make E & L AKs by far the most impressive AK replica on the airsoft market.

  • The new Gearbox Shell with 9mm ball bearings and the spring quick change system
  • Ball-bearing Spring Guide
  • CNC steel gears
  • One-piece CNC steel cylinder
  • a sealed Nozzle with O-ring
  • a set of 9mm ball bearings
  • Reinforced high-tech piston with three steel teeth
  • top high torque M170 motor with neodymium magnets
  • Silver coated wiring for minimal resistance

      Manufacturer: E&L
      Model: E&L AKMS
      Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full auto
      Magazine Capacity: 600 Rounds 
      Powered By: Electric
      Exterior Construction: Metal receiver with real wood hand guard and metal folding stock.
      Internal Construction: Metal internals
      Wired: Rear
      Hop Up: Adjustable
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      E&L AKMS airsoft Rifle for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
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