Double Eagle M56A Airsoft Shotgun

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Double Eagle offers the M56A Tri-shot, a short 3 round burst shotgun that has a great construction along with a great price.
The M56A is a very sturdy shotgun suited better for medium fire fights due to its longer than normal length.
The pump can be a bit stiff so needs to be considered if brought for a younger/smaller player but it will of course loosen in due time.
Shells are used to operate the M56A, that hold 30 per shell and shot 3 at once giving you a solid 10 shots before you need to change the shell. 
Double Eagle have once again showed that as far as shotguns go they rule for price and performance.
 Double Eagle
Model: M56A
Fire Selector: Safe, Tri-shot
Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds 
FPS: 300
Powered By: Spring
Exterior Construction: Rubber grip and pump, ABS body and outer barrel
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Hop Up: Adjustable
Instruction manual
1 Shell
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Double Eagle M56A Shotgun from Leicestershire Airsoft
Leicestershire Airsoft is a Leicester based company.