Cyma Thompson Airsoft rifle

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The replica machine gun Thompson M1A1 has been made in full metal version with the participation of plastic components.

Thompson has been accurately mapped – both appearance and manipulators are identical to the version of firearms and the material from which the flask and front grip perfectly imitates wood.

Initial muzzle velocity of the Thompsonis under 350 fps allows free use of replicas on short and medium distances.

The replica is equipped with mechanical aiming devices, including fixed bow tie and an adjustable rear sight in both planes . Very good accuracy equivalent to a regulated system Hop-up. The Thompson has the ability to mount tactical sling.

The interior of the replica behind metal v6 gearbox, steel gears and bearings. 
Model: Thompson
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full auto
Magazine Capacity: 360 Rounds 
Powered By: Electric
Exterior Construction: Metal body, outer and inner barrel, sights with ABS wood parts 
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Wired: Rear
Hop Up: Adjustable
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Cyma Thompson airsoft Rifle for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
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