Cyma M870 Airsoft Shotgun

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The Shotgun features a Tri-Burst Internal Design, meaning that for each Pump and Trigger Pull Three BBs are Fired, giving the weapon a Spread to simulate a real Shotgun. 
The shotgun features an SGA Style Custom Stock and Handguard Design, rarely seen on other shotguns, giving the Shotgun a unique look and feel compared to other Shotguns. The Shotgun features an Adjustable Rear Ironsight for Windage, a fixed front Ironsight, and a Trigger Lock Safety to prevent accidental shots. 
The Stock features a textured grip, as well as a rubberised butt stock plate to prevent slippage. 
This shotgun is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who are looking for a new Shotgun to add to their collection, or for those who are looking for a more unique piece.
Model: Magpul M870
Fire Selector: Safe, Pump
Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds 
Powered By: Spring
Exterior Construction: Plastic body, and plastic pump, metal outer barrel
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Instruction manual
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