Cybergun/Cyma P90 Airsoft Rifle

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The weapon features a top rail for Sights and Scopes, as well as two side rails for short torches and lasers. The weapon features a large trigger, and a thumb-hole stock design, making the weapon easier and sturdier to hold. The weapon is lightweight and compact - perfect for CQB environments - making it easy to turn corners and enter rooms. The weapons top rail doubles up as an iron-sight, and the weapon loads magazines from the top. It comes  a standard flash hider.

This is the perfect weapon for those airsoft skirmisher who play CQB, or want an easy to carry weapon with decent range for outdoor skirmishes.
Manufacturer: Cyma
Model: P90
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full
Magazine Capacity: 70 Rounds Mid Cap
Powered By: Battery
Exterior Construction: ABS Body and Rail
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Hop Up: Adjustable
Mid Cap
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