Cybergun/Cyma AK74U Airsoft Rifle

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The Cyber Gun AKS-74U features a real wood handguard and an almost entirely Alloy construction which makes it feel very solid in the hands with no wobbels or creaks. At the front of the replica you will find the standard AKS-74U flash hider which will screw off to reveal both a 22mm CW and 14mm CCW thread.
On the side of the RIF is a dovetail mount which can be used to attach an AK Side Rail Mount which allows you to mount sights and optics above the dust cover if you don't approve of the deliciously simply iron sights. At the front and rear of the weapon are built-in sling points for the attachment of slings, which will free up your hands when carrying it to switch to a sidearm or for other tasks. The RIF is top wired, and accepts either a NIMh or thin LiPo underneath the dust cover. The Alloy stock will fold at the press of a button, dramatically reducing the overall length for maximum effectiveness in CQB environments - as the sling point is located where it is you can still very effectively aim with the stock folded by pressing the RIF away from you against your sling.

Manufacturer: CyberGun/Cyma
Model: AK74U
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full
Magazine Capacity: 550
FPS: 320
Powered By: Electric
Exterior Construction: Real Wood / Metal
Internal Construction: Metal inner barrel, gears, gearbox
User manual
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