CSI XR-5 Airsoft rifle

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The airsoft world is full of M4 platform models so why not go for something a little bit different with these beauties. Move into the 21st century and pick up a CSI XR-5 Advanced Main Battle Rifle. The XR-5 is unlike any other rifle currently on the market today. Built around the traditionally durable version 2 gearbox, the XR-5s relation to the M4 ends there. The XR-5 features a futuristic injection molded polymer body, molded with the ergonomics of the user in mind. The fire controls are similar to the favored M4 rifle ensuring that there is little learning curve when transition from your old battle rifle to the XR-5 Advanced Main Battle Rifle. To top it off the XR-5 features top, bottom and side accessory rails for mounting all 20mm accessories such as vetrical grips, weapon lights or grenade launchers.

  • Injection molded polymer body
  • Integrated top rail provides a stable and reliable platform for optics or other accessories
  • Lower 20mm accessory rail provides a mounting capability for vertical grips, weapon lights or grenade launchers
  • Side rails provide additional mounting space
  • Drop free magazine
  • Full metal version 2 gearbox provides the end user with easy ability to upgrade internal components
  • Front and rear flip up sights
  • Safe/Semi/Full-auto fire capability

Manufacturer: CSI
Model: XR-5
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full auto
Magazine Capacity: 200 Rounds 
FPS: 310
Powered By: Electric
Exterior Construction: Injection molded polymer body and hand guard 
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Wired: Front
Hop Up: Adjustable
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