Classic Army AUG Airsoft Rifle

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This is a lightweight polymer replica of the famous STEYR AUG A2, with its real steel counterpart in service with the Austrian, Australian, Irish and New Zealand forces. The weapon itself is made from lightweight polymer making it easy to use and manouver with. The Airsoft Rifle itself is ambidextrous, allowing you to configure the rifle for either left handed or right handed shooters. This airsoft weapon would make a great starter weapon with which to get into skirmishing.
 Classic Army
Model: AUG
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Full auto
Magazine Capacity: 350 Rounds 
FPS: 310
Powered By: Electric
Exterior Construction: ABS body
Internal Construction: Metal internals with metal gearbox
Wired: Top
Hop Up: Adjustable
Blow Back: No
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Classic Army AUG AEG airsoft rifle
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