Big Foot T3 Airsoft Vest

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An unusual tactical vest equipped with a modular protector system made from hardened foam. The base of the vest consists of plates made from a material very similar to neoprene, which significantly improves comfort of wearing. The vest has a uniquely durable structure and futuristic appearance.

It is fully adjustable. Arms are adjusted using two buckles with nylon straps, similar to those in a car. Their durability is considerably higher than the stress that the vest is subjected to during normal usage, which causes the lifetime of the entire system to be significantly extended. Lower adjustment involves a triple system of buckles that provide stable adjustment of the vest to the user.

In the front, there are MOLLE PALS (2x2) that feature in the lower part, at stock configuration, two single pouches for M4/M16 magazines. The entire surface of the vest is covered with naps that enable its supplementing with additional accessories.
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