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The Walther WA2000 is a semi-automatic bullpup sniper rifle designed in West Germany after the Summer Olympics Munich Massacre in 1972. It was totally designed for Sniper and marksman in Military and police used, however the production cost was very high based on the high quality and high accuracy so it was hard to achieve widespread sales. Finally the production was only last for 6 years (1982-1988) and only 176 pcs has produced. Hence it became a rare and very valuable rifle in the world. As used by 'James Bond in 'The Living Daylights'
  • Features:
  • - Full Alloy “Can” shape Flash Suppressor
  • - Full Alloy CNC Body frame and outer barrel
  • - Full Alloy removable bipod
  • - Full Alloy QD Scope mount
  • - Air cocking system
  • - Adjustable hopup system
  • - Woodern Handguard, stock and cheek piece
  • - Cheek piece can be placed to the left side for left-handed user (need to move one small part on the body frame as well)
  • - Adjustable buttpad
  • - Metal made dummy magazine with 3 pcs of plastic made dummy bullets included
  • - Included 50 rounds tube shape magazine
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    Model: WA2000
    Fire Selector: Safe, Single
    Magazine Capacity: 50 Rounds 
    FPS: 370
    Powered By: Spring
    Exterior Construction: Wood and metal
    Internal Construction: Metal internals
    Hop Up: Adjustable
    User manual
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