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Ares .28 Airsoft BB

Ares .28 Airsoft BB

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New, Ares .28 Airsoft BB

TAG       : Ares .28 Airsoft BB

BRAND :  Ares
WEIGHT : .28

Ares BBs are based on years of experience in the airsoft industry. We've developed and worked on a BB formula that performs perfectly in pretty much every make and model of airsoft gun available.

We are confident you will find our BBs bright, smooth, solid, perfectly polished and with superb true deviation.

Ares BBs are suitable for every airsoft gun thanks to there quality make and performance.

    Brand : Ares
    Condition : New

    Ares .28 Airsoft BB for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
    Leicestershire Airsoft is a Leicester based company.

    Leicestershire Airsoft
    Unit 2, Queniborough Industrial Estate
    (behind the BP petrol station)
    1487 Melton Road
    LE7 3FP

    Opening times..
    Wednesday 10-5 
    Thursday 10-5
    Friday 10-5
    Saturday 10-5

    Our Quenibourough store is Leicestershire based offering a host of airsoft guns, airsoft accessories, airsoft tac gear. We have plenty to chose from and cater for the cheaper starting airsoft player up to the higher end brands.
    We have such brands as G&G, S&T, ARES, King Arms, Cyma, E&L, Krytac, VFC and plenty more. We have a vast knowledge in the airsoft world being both a retail store but playing airsoft as a hobby as well.  

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