APS M40A3 airsoft Rifle

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The APS is a cost effect spring powered sniper rifle offering performace and looks right out the box. 

The APM40A3 Spring Sniper Rifle, the metal magazine will feed from the front not from its top and a plastic follower attached directly to the loading nozzle will extract a BB every time the bolt is cocked and on its return travel. This BB will travel through a ramp and into the hop chamber. 

The APM40A3 uses a 6.03 Stainless Steel Inner Barrel giving you better range and accuracy. The M40 has 6 built in inner barrel stabiliser and we have enforced perfect alignment treatment on the inner barrel before it is installed in the gun to further increase performance.

The Trigger pull of the APM40A3 is adjustable. The trigger pull of our APM40A3 is extremely comfortable and smooth which is beyond comparison.

The hop up switch is on the left hand side of the gun. You can adjust the Hop up easily by your finger of your supported arms. No tool is required. You can keep aiming the target without losing it and adjust the HOP UP at the same time! This is what a professional sniper is really looking for.

Model: M40A3
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi
Magazine Capacity: 45 Rounds 
FPS: 400-450
Powered By: Spring
Exterior Construction: ABS stock and body / Metal rails, bolt assembly and barrel
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Hop Up: Adjustable
User manual
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