APS Hades Airsoft Morter

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This Hades Arrow is an entirely new product and has never existed in the airsoft market before, Powered by Co2 and filled with Water, and when you slide the rocket down the tube it then fires out very fast and high in the sky.

This Airsoft mortar is amazingly fun to launch, you won't believe how fun you will have with it, and watching everyone gasps while seeing it clipped on your molle.

We think this is a new trend for airsoft war games, skirmishes and re-enactment groups, airsoft games shouldn’t just be limited to guns and grenade, now you can have cool Hades Arrow mortar as an alternative option. it can even be used as professional training equipment for the military.

To round up, this mortar launcher actually does shoot really, really high and far , plus it looks very cool on your kit and is a talking point on any airsoft field guaranteed to draw a crowd.

As the user of this airsoft mortar, you are entirely responsible for using it in a manner that does not endanger yourself and others or result in damage the product or the property of others. It is advisable to always keep a safe distance in all directions around this rocket launcher, as the margin will help to evade accidents or injury.

Model: Hades
Fire Selector: Single
Magazine Capacity: 1 Morter 
Powered By: CO2
Exterior Construction: Metal construction / Plastic Rounds
Replica ha-a1 (80mmx700mm) with support leg
2 x 70mm Mortar Projectiles powered by CO2
Co2 Charger
Rubber Rear Covers
User manual and Protection Cover
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APS Hades airsoft Morter for sale from Leicestershire Airsoft
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