Airsoft Tech Work By L.A Tech

About me

L.A. Tech, The female side of Leicestershire Airsoft is run buy ME, Sarah Savidge, one of the only female Airsoft Techs in the area offering top class Tech work at an affordable price.  If you need a quick service or a full strip down and upgrade L.A. Tech can sort it.

I noticed a gap in the Tech area and having the patience and interest in the finer points of Airsoft, decided to go in head first into the upgrade side of the business.

I love how the Airsoft guns work, playing is great but I find something about getting them to work that bit more interesting and sure, a few curse words are thrown but that's all part of Tech work.

I have my own FB page and Insta page found below so please feel free to put enqueries threw social or pop in to the store to have a chat.

A cheeky snap taken at our local


Our Aim

Every Airsoft weapon needs some tender loving care at some point. From the entry level Airsoft product to the higher end brands, constant gaming will leave your Airsoft weapon of choice a little on the battered side.

Some basic Tech work can be done at home but there are those jobs or even players that would rather leave the care and maintenance to the professionals and thats fine, that's where L.A Tech comes in, your best choice for cleaning and upgrading you Airsoft RIFS.

At L.A Tech, the sister side of Leicestershire Airsoft we can give your product a full service, striping the item back to there bare parts giving them all a clean, a good inspection for any damaged parts and put back together, followed by a good test to make sure everything is running smoothly.


A Nuprol Cylinder head ready to go back in to the rifle.


Wanting more from your loved Airsoft weapon?

Some Airsoft weapons however don't need any cleaning as such, have been well maintained by its owners but are lacking in the performance area and so need some fresh upgrades, a new barrel, maybe a new hop up unit or the whole package from end to end.

This is also some thing we at L.A Tech can accomplish all at a reasonable price and speedy turn around time.

We would discus your needs on the airsoft field and agree on the best parts for your given price point and go from there, Obviously there is a huge price range from the most poor and unused brands of upgrade to the premium parts that cost a fortune but in the right set up can offer the best performance increases so its all dependent on what you as a player would like to spend.

What I can offer

We at L.A Tech along with Leicestershire Airsoft are a small family run business, while that may mean that while we don't have ten staff to get things sorted next day we do offer a more social service offering one to one support with a face you can talk to and communicate with.

Upgrade internal parts

Service including strip down, clean and reassemble

Adding Mosfets



Lil bit of wiring going on.


My top tips for general wear and tear on your Airsoft RIFs

Always keep a lil gas in your mags.

Empty your AEG mags to release the tension on the springs.

Always disconnect your battery from you rifle.

Every so often (If your comfortable) clean your barrel out, its amazing the amount of dirt that can get clogged up in there.

Never push a rifle to its absolute limits, it may work for a while buts there no telling how long until something breaks.

Mosfets are great but that does not mean you can empty a full 1000+ drum mag on full auto, short bursts will make a big difference to your Airsoft guns life.

If unsure, remove the battery and don't use it till a Tec has has a further look.