MK23 Upgrades

The MK23 has always been a popular model for many player and with good reason, It's cheep and cheerful offering a lot of performance for little cost.

What more is that with a bit of extra money thrown  its way it can be and is often regarded as one of the best performance pistols on the market.

It may not have blow back and may not be a full metal model but who needs it when it shoots this well.

Standard Model
The MK23 offered by HFC is a great low cost model and often used to partner with a sniper rifle role.
Its light weight design makes it easy to use along with the silencer that is a barrel extender it can make for a very accurate pistol.
Please note another gas other than Abbey 144a or equivalent of power can cause damage to the internals.
The model features a gas power full sized double stack mag, is non blow back.
It includes a barrel extending silencer, and is very quiet.

Upgraded Model

The upgraded model has all the obvious features of that standard with these extras.....

We Tech loading nozzle spring forward 200%
We Tech Loading nozzle spring return 180%
Maple leaf auto bot 50%
Maple leaf crazy jet 150mm
TDC Cover

Please note that due to the upgraded barrel we advise a new silencer due to the barrel sticking out the end.

This combination of part will push your standard MK23 to the maximum going you fantastic range and performance. 
These models can usually be found in store so pop in to take a look and even have a word with the staff member who makes upgrades them (Depending on time)