Savidge Airsoft - Fort Wood

Introducing Leicestershire Airsoft - Fort Wood, Leicestershire newest addition the the range of established airsoft sites.

Working with the popular Wolf Gang airsoft site, we will be putting our own spin and tweaks on a range of already know and loved games to make a truly different and unique game day that you will remember for months to come.

Situated in a dense woodland and a total 17 acres of rich arena with a range of purpose built cover, and fortifications along with the rich nature to use as you see fit.

Created by the players for the players, our very own store airsoft team will be constantly aiming to improve making for some of the game play possible. 


Fort Wood is located Melbourne Road, LE65 1RS , Ashby De La Zouch so an easy to find.

Specifically designed and built for the players in mind, with trench's, huts, large bases, extensive safe zone, toilets, large car park, range, assault course, stoned driveway, haunted woods and the chance to create your own hides within the 7 acres of the site that is untouched.

We will also have a small range of stock for purchase including but not limited to rifles, pistols, consumables, and tac gear.

So to sum up Leicestershire Airsoft - Fort Wood can offer
  • On site products for purchase
  • 17 aches worth of wood land
  • Easy to find site
  • Range of on site obsticals and hides
  • On site toilet
  • On site food and drink
  • Recently extended site and car park


Leicestershire Airsoft - Fort Wood can hold a maximum of 50 players making for some intense fire fights aimed at smaller squad based game play rather than the chaotic nature of some larger capacity sites.

Plan, deploy, use tactics and skill to take your down rival team all the while, making your way through the dense woodland, setting up traps, ambush and defeat your enemy.

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