In store weapons training

Want some 1 to 1 time with our trained instructor in our in store range, then look no further.
We can offer personal time with a marshal who has a range of personal experience able to give you in depth training to better yourself wither it be for airsoft skirmish or simple target practise.
The airsoft field is full of challenges to overcome but it never hurts to have the upper hand knowing how to play the field like a pro giving you those vital skills over your opposition.

Our lesson will be on a strict 1 to 1 format lasting around an hour each and will be priced at £20 per lesson.



The training will include the following but not limited to....
Rifle to sidearm transition
Target re acquisition
Tactical mag changes
Dump pouch use and
Re indexing empty mags.
Load out set-up, familiarisation and use
An introduction to sling types and uses

There will also be options to quiz and question the marshal as the session goes on.
Please contact to find out more info or show your interest. We will add a booking system if it proves to be popular but for the starting period it will be a turn up and wait.