In store Airsoft Range

We at Leicestershire Airsoft are pleased to announce that we have our own indoor range. Based on the fantastic film "Aliens" from 1986 we have tried to replicate the corridor based on LV-426.

Our range is 10 meters making it great for pistol use and rifle with a very unique design style. 

The range does have fully charged batteries, chrono and a stock of BBs's should you need to use ours although we do advise if you intend to have a lengthy time spent in the range bringing you own gear may be advised.

As with any range, there will be rules to follow which will be more to do with safety than anything else but these are printed out for you to read before you start your time.

Our Range Targets
In our range, we don't just use simple card targets, we use state of the art Attack Sense Targets.
These fantastic units have a host of features and give a huge amount of enjoyment plus really test your skills with a number of settings to keep even the most skilled player on the edge.

"AttackSense is the world’s most advanced electronic target system designed for Airsoft / 6mm, Simunition and Airgun / Air Rifles, providing an exciting new way to train, host competitive matches and provide measurable skills advancement. Our smart targets connect wirelessly to the AttackSense Commander app, creating varied training simulations and competitive multi-shooter games.

Our app provides immediate feedback of hits including missed targets and reaction times, along with “good guy” actions that simulate friendly targets to keep you on your toes. Shooter enrolment and round history provides improvement tracking and competitive analysis.

AttackSense monitors your performance as you improve your skills, providing insight into how your reaction time and hit accuracy develops over continued training. By incorporating weapon changes and reloading into your training you can improve on many aspects of your performance.

Range Rental

The range can be rented for 30 min sessions for just £10 per time using the Attack Sense Targets mentioned above. Use the range to Improve...

  • Target acquisition
  • Speed and reaction time
  • Accuracy

The range is best suited  to hold 1 person at a time giving you enough space to stretch out and get a full motion.

Please note we advise you to bring your own airsoft guns but we do have models in store that can be used on the range if you do not have your own.

The rental is advised to be used with your own gear, that way your skills be come better with your own guns, rather than a random model.

So spend some time in our range.

So there you have it folks, not only do we have a great range of airsoft products, an airsoft Tech, free two tone, 3D printed products, we now have a fully fledged range with a great set of targets offering...

Range rental £10 per half an hour with our Attack Sense System

Free chrono testing should you just need to check your gun, but that does not include any play on the Attack Sense System.