In store Range

We at Leicestershire Airsoft are pleased to announce that we have our own indoor range. Based on the fantastic film "Aliens" from 1986 we have tried to replicate the corridor based on LV-426.

Our range is 10 meter making it great for pistol use and rifle use.

We can rent the range out the customer to hone there skills or set you hop and will also be holding competitions in the very near future so what the space.

The range can hold 2 people at any one time making it a great place to have a shoot out with a friend.

As with any range, there will be rules to follow which will be more to do with safety than anything else but these are printed out for you to read before you start your time.

Please note we advise you to bring your own airsoft guns but can rent out a rifle or pistol for a very small fee. (See below)


£3 per person for 20 mins worth of range time

£2 for the hire of either pistol or rifle. (£2 per airsoft gun)

Not only do we have one of of the coolest looking ranges in the area, we have Attatcksense due in the coming weeks along with sound track music plus the option to change the light color giving you the Aliens immersion.