GearTech Custom

Whats better than a shiny new RIF? A shiny new RIF with a unique and fancy paint job that is specific to your own wants and choices.

Think of you fave films or games, do they have a iconic style or paint job? Something you would want to recreate on your chosen RIF be it old or new?

Now you can as we at Leicestershire Airsoft have teamed up with Geartec Custom to offer you unique art paintwork and dipping so you can have some truly amazing, astounding and down right unbelievable designs you your RIF of choice.

Below is a sample token of images taken from the huge amount of work he has sorted over time. 
We will have a collection in store along with an option for you to come to us and put your ideas forward.

The time taken will vary from item to item depending on what he has already on his work bench and of course how intricate the work is that you are asking for

The price will also vary from item to item, again depending on the design and size of the RIF you are wanting to have done.

Each item will be a case by case, just because your mates M4 took two weeks does not mean  yours will.

We also not have any work done on two tone products.

Please visit us in store or email us