We at Leicestershire Airsoft are over the moon to be picked as Leicestershires exclusive retailer of the finest Airsoft AEGS to be released.
That means if you want one, you need to come through us but fear not, delivery should be quick and efficient and deal direct means if any issues arise we can nip them in the bud quickly.

Taken from the site itself.
“Airsoft has been around for more than 30 years but the technology only progressed by inches. We, as players, spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, purchasing gear in preparation for airsoft games, and yet we still play with antiquated airsoft guns. This really motivated me to pursue how I can make my beloved game more realistic.”

Experience realism like never before in an electric airsoft rifle with DAS:

 Realistic take down function.
The upper and lower receiver can be taken apart like its real-steel counterpart.

 Realistic functioning Bolt Carrier Group
The bolt carrier group (BCG) initiates a full stroke within the upper receiver to produce a powerful recoil effect and fire the projectile.

 Realistic recoil effect
When the trigger is pulled the BCG cycles and fires the BB causing a heavy recoil felt in the shoulder. This effect is caused soley by the movement of the bolt, not by additional weights which can slow the rate of fire

Bolt lock when empty function
After firing the last BB the BCG locks back giving the GBLS DAS a much more realistic feel compared to other training weapons in the airsoft arena.

Realistic shooting effect
When the trigger is activated the seardrops giving instantaneous fire response. The BCG then cycles back again recocking the weapon in the process and loading the next BB into the chamber whilst strongly recoiling the weapon back.

Air-cocking system
The gun can be manually cycled without the need for a battery simply by pulling the charging handle back. Meaning you can cock, load and fire the gun in silence (sneaky sneaky!).

Cerakote finish  
The GBLS DAS features an IR absorbent Cerakote finish similar to that used on military rifles. This is perfect for mil-sims and prevents the weapon from showing up white using IR light or with NV goggles.

      DAS is short for “Dynamic Action System”. This is a mechanism giving dynamic motion that has never before been experienced in airsoft. Kim Kwang Suk, the founder of GBLS has been involved in airsoft for 25 years. With his technical background he felt there was a way to make airsoft rifles more realistic in function. With this in mind he created GBLS and developed DAS himself to create the best electric airsoft weapon available on the market.

      “The Summit of Realism” is the chosen motto to highlight the technical expertise of DAS and is now available to all airsoft players worldwide.

      No other electric airsoft rifles function in the same way, all those which have been created to date lack the bolt carrier function which is the heart and soul of the GBLS DAS system. The DAS system physically operates the movement of the bolt carrier in effect achieving the same stroke as a real rifle.

      The DAS system has to be operated in the same method as a real firearm using the following technique: pull the bolt carrier back, inspect the chamber, advance the bolt carrier forward, and select fire mode.

      In a game which prides itself on the experience of realism everyone strives to find the most realistic equipment to outshine their fellow players on the field. With a GBLS DAS at your side you’ll be the envy of everyone on your team and outperform most other rifles the opposition will be carrying.

      The operation is simple and flawless – pull back the charging handle which locks and retracts the bolt carrier, insert the mag, release the bolt carrier forward to load a BB into the chamber, after the trigger is pulled and the shot is fired the bolt carrier will draw back and you’ll feel the powerful recoil hitting you firmly in the shoulder.

      Beware, if using full-auto the effect of the recoil can loosen or even damage low quality accessories such as scopes/sights and torches – real-steel accessories such as Vortex Optics or even genuine EOTech holo sights are the preferred attachments for this level of weapon.

      When the ammo runs out and the bolt carrier retracts and locks, press on the mag release button to eject the existing mag from the gun and insert the new fully loaded mag. Release the bolt catch, the bolt carrier moves forward and you’re ready to rock again!

      You need to reinforce the muscle memory to perform these steps efficiently and smoothly so repeat the motions and practice so you don’t get in a flap in a firefight. You also need a firm grip to keep your shots on target – the powerful recoil can affect your aim if you continue to hold the gun like a normal airspoft rifle.  The moment for your shooting skills to shine has arrived. The airsoft rifle we all dream about is available now in the UK. Now, let’s enjoy the experience for real!

      Functioning BCG: Allowing 100% realistic manual of arms from loading and charging to stoppage and reloading drills

      Heavy Recoil: Like in the real thing, the recoil of the DAS is generated by the cycling of the BCG giving a heavy felt recoil with realistic impulse

      Constant Power: Powered by an 11.1V LiPo battery, the DAS platform provides consistent performance whatever the weather with no loss of power or rate of fire

      Highly Accurate: The mechanism of the DAS begins its cycle with the piston cocked, meaning it is ready to fire the moment the mechanical trigger sear is released

      Realistic: The upper and lower receiver is disassembled like a real AR15

      Reliable: Precision CNC internals ensure a high degree of relability

      Gun Features:

      – The most realistic AR platform AEG.
      – Closely replicates a real AR15 fire mechanism.
      – Cerakote™ black receiver
      – PTS® Centurion Arms CMR Rail 12.5″
      – PTS® Enhanced Polymer Stock (EPS)
      – PTS® Enhanced Polymer Grip (EPG)
      – All CNC parts except receivers and PTS accessories.
      – Propitiatory DAS’s magazine. (60 Round capacity)
      – DAS’s hop up system with AEG type hop-up bucking and inner barrel.
      – Solid performance in any weather and temperature.