Covid 19 update

Please note the info given on this page is subject to change without notice as we are just going with the flow of government guide lines

So as everyone is aware, Covid 19 has turned the world upside down causing a rift through everyday life for us all.

As a store it takes a careful balance to keep sales going while making sure the safety of staff and customers is absolutely essential.

For that very reason we have made a host of changes to our store to make things safer for all who walk through the door.

Rules must be followed at all times and if are not followed we have the right to ask you to leave, we would hate to do this but do not want any one person putting many others at risk.



We will only allow one person in store at any one time, this is to keep the 2 metre distance upheld at all time.

If you are waiting outside we request you keep up your 2 metre distance. Just because your not in store does not mean the rules don't count. 

We will request that all customers refrain from touching anything in store when possible unless you have brought the item, we are aware this will make things awkward and will do our best to show you the items as much as you need to make a decision but if we can complete a transaction without any contact so much the better, we would like to avoid a single customer touching a dozen guns and not buy as they then have to be put to one side for 3 days.

We will be avoiding cash payment for the foreseeable future and request all sales to be completed via card.

We request every customer sanitizes their hands when they enter and exit the store, there will be two sanitizing stations in store.

We will have an entrance and exit door, please take note to use the correct door.

Please note we have moved the counter for a reason, That is to limit the contact of customer to staff, stop the touching from customers on items and hopefully speed up the transaction meaning less contact for all involved.

And the most awkward of all will be a continuation of the above, the counter has been moved to go across the store which does mean there will be no browsing. 
We will be operating in 2 ways

  • Click and collect - Purchase on the website and simply pop in store with your proof of ID and collect your purchase.

  • Shopping list - Pop in to the store and tell us what your after and we will collect bits from around the store while you wait at the counter. Were happy to spend time and bounce ideas around still if your undecided so we can still help that new player who has no idea what there looking at and give across any advice you may need.

Tech work can still be taken in but WILL be left at the store untouched for a solid 3 days as a minimum as this is stated (true or not) for there to be enough time for the virus to disappear from the item.

Upon the hand over we will give you item items back  after another 3 days have passed at the other end and even then, We will use gloves to attempt a safe pass over.