Airsoft Two Tone

In the airsoft world you may have come across players using bright blue, green, red or orange rifles.

This is known as two tone and is perfectly normally in the airsoft world. These are used by players, normally newer player that have yet to get there airsoft site membership through yet.

We at Leicestershire Airsoft offer two tone as a free option,  please specify in the additional info as you proceed through checkout that you need your new airsoft toy two toned.

The world of airsoft if full of ideas and inspiration for new and experienced players alike.

But something a lot of player may not understand or be able to there head around is the whole "two tone" side of things, a process that needs any and all retailers to spray an airsoft weapon 51% of a non threatening color if the customer does not have a valid "defense", the defense can be a number of things such as

Site membership

UKARA membership

re-en-actors membership

film and theater

sportsman association

Above are a handful of the options with more out there.

So you don't have any of the above you say?
Well that's no problem. Here at Leicestershire Airsoft we understand that you may want to jump in and get your toy.

With that in mind, we offer the two tone FREE, Yes, FREE while you wait in store.

The two tone dont look half bad and we always do it in a blue spray to help the black/blue contrast look as smart as possible.


UKARA is a name you may have heard floating around in the airsoft world, often called a licence by some. UKARA was formed back in 2006 as a safe way to sell to the many customers out there, giving them the option to get realistic imitation fire arms.
UKARA is a database full of registered players that each retailer can check.

UKARA is fairly easy to obtain simply by taking part in 3 games at the same site as long as the site is UKARA registered.
The games must be played over a minimum of two months
As an example the third game being played 56 days after the first.
You must be 18 or over, live in the UK and provide I.D  



A site membership is a second and possibly easier option to be able to buy your RIF in store or online.

Normally needing you to complete three games, much like your UKARA membership, a site membership will show any retailer that you have played enough games to be a regular player.

Normally your membership gives you a card with your individual details on.

Membership does normally cost but can give additional benefits such and free or lower priced games.

Each site will have its own rules for membership so we recommend that you make quick phone call for more precise details.