APS BOAR Airsoft Rifle

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The all new APS Silver Edge Gearbox utilizes a unique polishing technique to remove burrs and surface imperfections from the gearbox shell. This polishing leads to an incredibly smooth and even finish that will reduce friction and lower the gearbox load. These improvements lead to a more efficient gearbox that will use less power, generate less wear, and allow for the smoothest cycle possible for enhanced performance as well as greatly extending the life of your gearbox.

--Please note--
This is a HPA Rifle with no gearbox internals of any sort. It is fitted with a Wolverine Inferno engine but does not includes anything else outside the rifle itself.

Manufacturer: APS
Model: BOAR
Fire Selector: Safe, Single, Full
Magazine Capacity: 350 
Powered By: HPA
Exterior Construction: ABS stock, Metal receiver, hand guard, outer barrel
Internal Construction: Metal inner barrel, gear box
Wolverine engine (Installed)
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