Tokyo Marui Resi 2 Lightning Hawk Airsoft Pistol

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The Tokyo Marui Biohazard Lightning Hawk .50AE 10inch Magnaport Custom Gas Blowback Pistol was produced for the promotion of CAPCOM’s Resident Evil/Biohazard RE:2, There lateste and maybe greatest Resident Evil yet!!

This is a remastered version of the original Resident Evil/Biohazard 2 game, this will come packaged in a wooden display box with a dedicated 10-inch barrel and a standard 6-inch barrel to convert back into a standard Desert Eagle .50AE,as well as a Special issue “SURVIVAL MAGAZINE” included. Not only does the wooden box look beautiful, but the box that box comes in is even more awesome with its attention to detail.

The pistol and box feature full Kendo Custom Shop markings true to the game which set this pistol off from anything else we have ever seen it is truly a masterpiece from Tokyo Marui and a must have for any resident evil fan.

10 inch barrel/slide specs

  • Lightning Hawk 10 inch custom barrel
  • 20mm top long rail
  • 20 mm under short rail
  • 10 inch barrel special front & rear sights
  • Twin Magnaport on the muzzle
  • Custom safety lever
  • Lightning Hawk markings on sides
  • Prototype engraving
  • Matt black finish

6 inch barrel/slide specs

  • Fiber hybrid front sight
  • 6 inch barrel special rear sight
  • Custom safety lever
  • Stainless silver finish

 Tokyo Marui
Model: Desert Eagle Lightging Hawk
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi
Magazine Capacity: 27 Rounds 
Powered By: Gas
Exterior Construction: ABS Slide/ Frame and metal parts
Internal Construction: Metal internals
Hop Up: Adjustable
Blow Back: Yes
User manual
Sample BB's
Outer presentation box
Real wood pistol case/crate
2x full slide set ups
Special Combat Manual
"Ammo box"
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